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Biebie Productions specialization lies in offering YOU high quality, custom designed training courses to meet all your communication needs under the umbrella of Speech, Personal Development, Corporate Workshops, Singing and Acting. We work with clients both locally & internationally from all industry levels within the corporate and private sector, thus providing the flexibility for training to be done: in-house, in groups, on a one-to-one basis or utilizing various online platforms. Biebie Productions facilitator: Barbara Barbieri is passionate, highly skilled and experienced to help you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves in using innovative, effective practical methods and techniques that will change your life forever. We strive to deliver an unparalleled level of excellence in the industry by continuously refining our processes and procedures. Biebie Productions trains winners! Company Strategy Purpose: To provide expert niche market training in communications. Vision: To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers. Mission statement: To change one life at a time with the courses I provide. Core values: We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning. Goals: Making our clients goals come true. Utilizing online platforms to make learning accessible.


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