Fusion Trikes is for sale! Owner retiring!

Fusion Trikes is for sale! Owner retiring!

After 14 years of building premier trikes in South Africa, Fusion Trikes is now for sale as the owner, Paul, is retiring.

Paul doesn’t want to close the business down, he wants to pass the trike building baton on to another enthusiast.

Whether you have mechanical skills or not, if you have a passion for motorbikes and trikes, and if you are looking for a very lucrative business with excellent returns, then this opportunity is for you!

Paul has reduced the price from R48,000 to just R28,000 to enable you to afford this great business. The new price only covers the cost of available parts.
You get 14 years of intellectual property for free! It includes design information, wiring, logos, graphics, Facebook page, domain, images, and lots more.

You can make roughly R50,000 to R85,000 per trike, depending on the donor vehicle and the complexity of the build.

Your first sale will sponsor the next 2, and so on!

Paul has identified 6 target markets for trikes, and he will share his knowledge with you, and even help you to get started.

If you are a genuine buyer, and if you have the cash and the passion to make this business work, please contact Paul and make an appointment to see him in Pretoria East.

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